A question business owners often ask themselves is “Should I focus on the customer experience or lead generation?” Which to do first, is like the old age conundrum of the chicken or the egg? Does it really matter? The chicken or the egg causality dilemma with its age-old circular reasoning may have been baffling philosophers for centuries. But what if it doesn’t have to be this difficult in business?

When it comes to customer service and lead generation, the focus should always be on the customer experience. If you don’t master this from the onset, you’ll always be dependent on lead generation. Unable to retain customers and grow your business into the success you dream of.

The omelette: the Customer experience

I have been so fortunate to spend a few weeks with Sir Richard Branson at his home in Necker Island and Ulusaba in Africa. Richard is someone who has inspired me with his ability to deliver the client experience. Not just in the physical things he does, but also with the amazing team he surrounds himself with to deliver that experience.

If you start generating leads and sales and the experience is not up to scratch, any problems or frustrations in your sales process will be magnified. The shine will tarnish very quickly. Especially when you spend unnecessary time and resources trying to repair a customer experience which could have been a delight from the beginning.

The time to systemise the client journey experience is before things start getting busy. A lot of business owners that I speak to believe that great client experiences just “happen.” The truth is that phenomenal client experiences need to be crafted. This takes planning and mindfulness. Who do you want to be and how do you want to be regarded?

Walking on eggshells: the client’s journey

The first thing to do, is to remove your business owner hat for a minute. Walk a mile in your customer or clients shoes. This can often be difficult for some. As business owners we can get so focused on either putting out fires. Or getting caught up in the day to day business operations.

Try to remove the blinkers and really see the journey from your clients eyes.

Start by walking in the front door and really look at everything the client sees. From the paint on the wall, to the state of the carpet, friendliness of the team, and cleanliness of the store.

Is the experience warm, welcoming and inviting?

Then ask yourself – what would you love to experience? Are you happy with average, or do you want to walk away feeling like you have been part of something special.

The yolk: the client journey as a surprise and delight

Making the client journey special by adding in delightful experiences along the way are a great way to take your customer experience to the next level. 

They don’t need to be expensive or elaborate – just meaningful to the client.

This could be sending a gift, card or email of appreciation. Always remember something personal that was told to you and use it in your correspondence. Addressing the customer by their name is also a must. It’s those special touches that will make the customer experience memorable.

A good egg: consistency in the customer experience

A key element to having great client experiences is that it needs to be consistent. If the experience is fantastic at first, however less then average on another visit, they won’t know what to expect and are unlikely to refer you to others. The one piece of advice I often give is, treat every client like they are the first client of the day. From the presentation of your team, shop and experience, every element must show the client they are the most important person walking into your business.

The golden egg: Ask for a Google Review

Once you have crafted a great client experience, the final piece of the puzzle is to make sure you ask the client for a Google Review. Leveraging all the work you have done so far. I have often found that clients who are raving fans, decide faster, spend more, and don’t care about the competition.

Turn your amazing testimonials into 5 star google reviews! This allows others who might be deciding to use your business to make the best informed choice.

We have all heard the expression, do a great job and your clients will tell 2 or 3 people, do a bad job and they will tell 10.

The best referrals come from clients who love what you do.

In summary…

  •         Start with the client experience and be memorable in sales.
  •         Walk the journey of your client.
  •         Put in surprise and delight elements into the client journey.
  •         Be consistent in the experience you provide.
  •         Ask for a Google Review.

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