If I asked you to remember one of the best experiences you had with a business, could you do it? Would you be able to tell me where it was, what you were wearing? What was it that made it a memorable in sales experience? 

Could you remember the name of the person who looked after you?

It’s these minor details that can imprint on a clients mind forever. I often tell my team if a client can’t remember your name, you simply were not memorable enough. If they ring and ask to speak to a lady with brown hair, then there is something that went amiss in the customer experience.

Being memorable in sales starts with building a rapport. But it’s much more than that. It’s about creating memorable touch points throughout the customer journey. Touch points that highlight key moments where you may have either built trust, or eroded it. Starting from the first moment you say your name.

Memorable in Sales Point 1: Start with introducing yourself.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Your introduction is one of the most important parts of the customer experience. It must be personal, warm, friendly, and sincere. Maintaining eye-contact with a genuine smile is essential. Add a handshake too (if appropriate). The simple act of a handshake can make you appear open, friendlier, and seen as a mark of respect.

Memorable in Sales Point 2: Share elements of a personal story that connects.

Sharing personal stories makes you more real, relatable and personable. Sharing a little about your personal life shows sincerity and gives the client the opportunity to open up to you in return. Often times when I am serving clients who have children, I may speak about the triplets that my wife and I had. People will often ask me many years later how old my triplets are.

Memorable in Sales Point 3: Use the client’s name a few times.

Not only will this help you remember your client’s name, but it will help them connect to you. Remember to give them the opportunity to use your name too. Mentioning the clients name a few times, and giving them the opportunity to do the same builds further rapport. I often highlight some of the different spellings of a name. For example my name is Karl with a K, often referred to as a memory anchor. One of my favourite comedians, Michael McIntyre, has a sketch on the different spellings of names. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth a google.

Memorable in Sales Point 4: Give something tangible to remember you by.

Before the conversation comes to an end, offer a business card or something that has your name on it. When you present it to them, draw their attention to your contact details.

While these are great tips to reinforce your name to future clients, it’s important to ensure that the overall client experience is memorable.

When I’m with a client I am constantly listening for anything I can do to make our relationship feel more inclusive and personal. It might be something like assisting them with a dinner reservation, or even a suit recommendation. Often when I have heard that a client is short on time, or simply cannot make the pickup as they have other commitments, I have offered to make the trip for them. I love making little trips to a client’s business or home to drop something off. The client’s are always so grateful and blown away by the extra effort. 

A question I always ask myself is, “What is the one thing that I can give this client that they didn’t think they could ask for?” When you can come up with an answer to this question, the client is often indelibly connected with you.

Share a common passion

In my diamond store, Xennox Diamonds, I built a scotch bar into the showroom. I am a big scotch enthusiast, which means that I appreciate all different kinds of scotch and whisky (the difference between the two is a topic for another blog!).

When I have a gentleman that comes in looking to buy an engagement ring, somewhere in the introduction I will ask him if he likes whisky. If he says yes, we take a tour of the scotch bar where he will find a selection of unusual whiskeys from around the world. During the next five minutes we talk about many things not only about whisky. Such as the little-known techniques on how to drink whisky to truly appreciate the taste. One of the common questions I am asked when going through this is if I will join the client for a drink, to which I always reply, “absolutely!”

Now who would have thought that coming in to buy an engagement ring would include a whisky lesson!

This is just one of the memorable experiences that we like to create.

The whole client experience my company delivers is so “un-jeweller” like that my clients often mention it in the Google Reviews we receive. At the time of this blog our reviews are over 679.

When you look at your own business, what is something that you are passionate about that you could incorporate into your business? To do this, put yourself in the shoes of a future client. What is the one thing that you would love to have or experience if you were shopping at your business? What can do or add, that makes you more memorable?

Once you can answer this question, you can move your business to the next level. In fact, once you’re able to stay atop of client’s minds by creating unforgettable, personal and memorable experiences, your Google reviews will be so amazing that a future clients reading it will think “Yes I want some of that too!”

Ready to create your own memorable experiences while boosting your online reputation. When you work with 5 Star Google Reviews, not only will your clients and customers remember you, your name will be one that is never forgotten.

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