Many business owners think of their client journey as a single end-to-end client experience. In reality, a single experience is made up of multiple experiences, which I often refer to as experience silos.

If you think of your morning routine and how you get ready. There are many isolated experiences all rolled into one. The wake-up experience, the shower experience, the dressing experience, the breakfast experience, and of course, the experience of brushing your teeth. These experience silos are often repeated each day. However the way they are performed can make or break the day ahead of you. Let me break this down further.

The wake-up experience

When it comes to your alarm, do you have an abrupt alarm that sounds like a car alarm? Or is it something more gently like gentle wind chimes? Maybe it’s even a particular repeated song like in the movie Ground Hog Day? Is it the morning light that wakes you up, or is your room pitch black when you open your eyes?

Your wake-up is one of the most important parts of the entire morning experience. How you wake up sets the tone for the rest of the day. I have seen a number of apps that specialise in the way you wake up. Ranging from certain sounds to light emitting from a device to simulate a sunrise, setting you up for a positive day ahead.

The shower experience

When you shower, are you stepping into a water saving small showerhead that comes out in a trickle? Or do you have a massage style showerhead that allows you to stay under the water for twenty minutes, disregarding the need to conserve water? Do you use a generic bar of soap from the discount isle? Or a luxurious scented shower gel that lathers your whole body? Your shower experience should be one that leaves you feeling cleansed, conscious-free and ready to tackle the day ahead.

The dressing experience

When getting ready, have you already picked out what you are going to wear the night before?  Are you wearing the same uniform everyday? Do you find it a chore to choose what you are going to wear or does variety excite you? When it comes to getting dressed, have you allowed a leisurely thirty minutes to dress, or is it a snappy two-minute job. Or like me are you doing up your belt and buttoning your shirt as you walk downstairs to the kitchen?

First impressions last, and the saying ‘dress to impress’ should be etched in your mind as you pick out your outfits for the day. Taking the time to think about how you want to present yourself can leave a positive impression on others.

The breakfast experience

Are you innovative when it comes to breakfast? Is your go-to rice bubbles and milk, or do you take the time to whip up something a little more fancy? Are you an instant coffee kind of person, or are you like me and love to enjoy a little bit of coffee luxury with a Delugo Nespresso that gives you a spring in your step? Our breakfast can fuel or deplete us pending on how much time and thought we put into it.

Teeth brushing experience

When it comes to your teeth, are you using a conventional toothbrush with chalky toothpaste that just does the job. Did you invest in a fandangle electric toothbrush with the triple-colour toothpaste and mouthwash that leaves a refreshing minty taste hours later?

When we smile, the first thing others notice is our teeth, the best thing we can do is take the time to take care of them.

Ordinary vs Extraordinary Client Experience

While I know these examples may seem a bit silly. My point is to highlight the difference between an ordinary experience and something that makes you feel really special. It is also designed to show how something as simple as getting ready for work, which we all do on autopilot, can be broken down into a multitude of experiences that can easily be improved.

If we think about this from a business capacity. You might look at your phone experience, your first contact in store experience, the second client or repeat visit experience, to first-use experience, to the follow-up experience. Each one of these silos is really important to look at in isolation. Then how they all interact with each other. Each one of these silos leads to the big picture, and defines it.

Neglecting one of these silos can not only make it hard to get out of bed and out the door, but can dramatically affect the overall experience your client has with you. It can also make the difference between getting a 5 star Google Review or a 2/3 star. While leaving the client on a high with a great experience is important, don’t disregard some of the earlier experiences. Because in neglecting them, you may not get to your final destination.

Looking to pimp out your Client Experience?

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