But how do you build a solid lead generating Google Review portfolio? 

Every Google review portfolio journey begins by taking the first step. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming when you look at your ultimate destination ahead. 

If you have started down the rabbit hole of looking at Google reviews as a lead generation strategy, you might be aware that the first important milestone to reach is 100 x 5 Star Google Reviews. At this point you will start to stand out from the average business who has around 76 Google reviews ( according to Google). 

At 100 reviews you should be seeing the impact of your Google review portfolio if not every fortnight then at least every 3-4 weeks. Once you hit the 200 Google review mark, the leads should start to filter in every 1-2 weeks. 

Getting 100 reviews all in one go might seem extremely difficult to achieve and it is actually not what Google wants you to do. Google is looking for quality, quantity and recency and in your google reviews. They would rather see a small number on a regular basis rather than 20 in a week.

The best way to get to your first 100 reviews is to aim for 2 reviews every week. In a year’s time you will have achieved your first target. The key is to be consistent, as it is with any goal setting. 

So here are 5 tips to make sure you are building your Google Review Portfolio;

  1. Set a goal of when you will achieve your 100 Google review target.
  2. Make sure everyone in your team, or just you if you are a solo hero is onboard with achieving the target in the timeframe
  3. Create a script that everyone can follow, so every client gets the same experience
  4. Make sure you ask every client for a review
  5. Follow up with your client if they didn’t leave a review the first time round. 

By the time you have hit the first target, the team should be in a habit of asking for Google Reviews and following them up. After achieving your first 100 review goal, it is a good idea to set the next 100 review target. If you have fine tuned your systems and scripts, the second 100 reviews should come a lot faster than the first 100. 

Google Review Portfolio mistakesHere are 5 pitfalls to watch out for that will hurt your Google Review Portfolio;

  1. Not setting a weekly rhythm to celebrate the reviews you receive. 
  2. Not have a remarkable experience that clients want to rave about.
  3. Having no system to follow up the clients who promised to leave a review.
  4. Paying someone to do the reviews (non genuine).
  5. Sending long emails to request a Google Review.

Remember the client is placing a lot of trust in you and your business when they leave a review for you. So it is important to make sure that you respect and value that review in the same way you would a word of mouth referral. Always be looking to improve the experience that the client has with you and make sure that it is consistent for every client. Because if it isn’t it will actually be worse for the business, as the new client will be coming in expecting that same great experience they read about.

The ultimate goal of your Google Review journey should be to a truly remarkable client experiences with surprise and delight elements that makes asking for a google review extremely easy. It should become the new water that you swim in. Where all you are doing is making sure that you are offering a great client experience, and asking for your clients to share that experience on Google. 

Next Steps

Ready to create your own memorable experiences while boosting your online reputation. When you work with 5 Star Google Reviews, not only will your clients and customers remember you, your name will be one that is never forgotten.

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