The key to getting an amazing Google Review is to start with a memorable client experience.

A memorable client experience can be incorporated into any business. Whether you are online or bricks and mortar, a B2B or B2C business experience are what lights us up as humans. 

1. Provide “Moments of Wow”

Meeting customer expectations, today is simply not enough. Going above and beyond is a must. To really “WOW” a client you need to be exceeding their expectations. So putting in the extra effort to create “wow” moments helps set yourself apart from the competition.

In most cases, “wow” moments are small events in the customer journey based on an amazing bit of personalised detail. The way to find out these small details is to really get to know your client, by asking some targeted questions. 

Examples of “wow” customer service include: providing same-day emergency delivery for a client that just simply couldn’t make it into your store. Make sure you are actively listening to your clients and finding innovative on-the-spot solutions to their problems.

If you don’t take care of your customers and fail to provide them with these “wow” moments, somebody else likely will.

2. Optimise the Recruitment of your team

Finding the right team can be challenging at the best of times. Having the right team with the right set of attitudes and training is essential in customer experience. As the saying goes: “You can train skills, you cannot train attitude.”

When recruiting, it helps to identify candidates whose personality and background make them inclined to putting other’s needs before themselves. In an age where technology and self-service are more commonplace, those team members that can bring their personal touch are vital.

When customers first interact with a business, the first interaction can leave a lasting impression. Whether it is the person manning the phones, or the team member greeting your clients for the first time, everyone has a part to play in impressing the client.

We all remember when a business treated us surprisingly well – and when the experience was less than great.

3. Instil Core Values Through Teamwork

If all the team are committed to providing a great customer experience, they must be fully grounded in the organisation’s core values. 

A strong team culture is fundamental to putting these values into practice. This culture should revolve around serving the client without judgement.

From the initial point of contact to the delivery of goods, across all touchpoints and business departments, the company’s values must be aligned to deliver timely, personalised, expert service that inspires brand loyalty for each customer.

The right mindset is essential. Introduce a culture that thrives on experimenting with new ways to solve customer problems. Look for ways to reward and congratulate team members caught in the act of going above and beyond to help their clients.

Foster collaboration through regular team huddles, weekly retrospectives, and quarterly team meetings to inspire everyone to provide memorable customer experiences.

4. Anticipate Customer Needs and Be Proactive

Being able to anticipate a client’s needs is extremely important in creating a remarkable experience for your clients. It will leave them wondering “how did you know that?” 

One way to help your team do this is to make sure that they have all the client’s information they need at the touch of their fingertips. Having a central CRM where all this data is stored accurately and having it accessible to the whole team, will let everyone know what they need to do to make it personal.

For example, knowing that a client loves champagne would be a great way to personalise their design consult 

5. Directly Respond to Customer Feedback

Have you ever filled in a customer feedback form expecting to get a response, but then got nothing? How frustrating was that? 

Poor customer service can equal poor business performance. 

Directly responding to customer feedback sets you apart from other organisations. Make sure everyone in the organisation is empowered to be able to handle a situation without having to refer it up the chain of command. 

An immediate phone call or email thanking customers for their thoughts and offering help can solve a short-term problem and build long-term trust.

6. Personalise the Experience Overall Channels

To survive in the customer-led economy, businesses have to adapt to customer behaviour. They need to collect the right data to ensure every interaction is personalised.

Part of the personalisation of customer experience includes letting consumers choose how they want to get in touch. Do they prefer a text message like me, or would they rather have an email? 

Providing an omnichannel service – where a conversation can hop from Instagram to phone to email, without causing confusion or hassle – can create a truly memorable experience.

7. End to End flawless experience 

It is important to remember that the customer journey isn’t just one or two experiences with your brand and team. It is a full journey from the first time they interact with you to well after they have used your product or service

Incorporating a post product/service appointment where you can catch up with the client reinforces to the client that you see them as valuable and that you care about the relationship with them.

If you have done this well, this is also a great time to ask the client for a Google Review


If you want to have a great online and offline reputation, it is important to focus on your client experience. Having a remarkable client experience will not only mean more Google Reviews but it will also mean more word of mouth referrals and a happier team. 

Next Steps

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