Google Reviews are a fantastic way to boost your search engine optimization and build brand recognition.

Google Review is easy for clients to do, and it features prominently in the Google Map 3 section, above all of the organic search listings. 

To build a strong reputation online, you need to know how to ask for a Google review. Here are 8 strategies to painlessly ask for a Google review.

Step 1: Review Google’s Review Policies 

Google’s review policies outline acceptable and unacceptable tactics about how to ask for Google reviews. Breaching these guidelines can get your reviews removed, or can also have your Google My Business Profile deleted from Google. 

Some of the important ones to pay attention to:

  • DO NOT  incentivise reviews with discounts, prizes, or cash. Google will likely either remove your reviews or hide them if you engage in these activities. It simply isn’t worth the risk. 
  • DO NOT  ask for reviews “in bulk,” from large databases. Rather, ask for reviews from the right and relevant clients at the right time that you are engaging with them. 
  • AVOID  “review gating,” or cherry-picking reviews from happy customers only. Pop-up forms that ask for a client to rate your products or services before sending them to the Google Review listing are strictly prohibited.

1. Request a review by email

An email has long been an important method of communication. A simple way to reach customers is through your mailing list. When you are emailing a client for a Google Review, ensure to keep the email brief and put in the relevant link for the client to follow. It is also a good idea to put an instruction video in there to guide them if you feel like they might need some assistance. 

While email might be a great technique if you can automate it into your sales process, you may find it difficult to get your customers’ attention and cut through the email inbox clutter. If your mailbox is anything like mine, you probably receive hundreds of emails a day, so make sure you use email marketing best practices to improve the open rate and click-through rate. 

Remember that asking for Google reviews indiscriminately violates Google’s “in bulk” request policy (see above). Instead, send a personalised Google review request email when something special happens, like when a customer has reached a special milestone or after they make their first visit or purchase.

2. Milestone Google Review

How to Ask for a Google Review: 8 Proven strategies to get a review

A great time to ask for a Google review is when your client has hit a special milestone. Cyclebar Carindale, has a great way to acknowledge a client’s 100th ride. The client gets to sign their name on a massive 100 number on the hall entering their studio. 

To get a Google review at this stage, be sure to make the review process as easy as possible for your customer. Have a QR-coded image that sends the client straight to your listing so they can submit a review without hunting for your business on Google. 

To make sure you capture every review possible, add a review request follow-up email, and/or print the link on a card or a receipt after a milestone, for the client to take with them.

3. Ask After Adding New Features

Ready to launch a new product or service? Asking for a Google review is a great way to receive feedback and gauge whether your clients are enjoying the new product or service. It will also give you invaluable insight into ways that you can improve your product or service. 

How to Ask for a Google Review: 8 Proven strategies to get a review

As Google reviews are public, it’s a good idea to ask a smaller group of customers what they think first, before creating a campaign to gather Google reviews. That way you can iron out some of the minor issues and improve the client experience.

4. Post Experience Check-In With Clients

How to Ask for a Google Review: 8 Proven strategies to get a review

A great way to improve the customer experience is to check in with them post-purchase. At Xennox Diamonds we like to phone our clients’ post proposal to make sure everything went well and that the ring fits perfectly. We even have a post pickup appointment, where the client can come in with their partner (if they chose the ring without them) so they can get the full experience. 

This is not only a great opportunity to ask for a Google review, but also a lovely touchpoint to strengthen the relationship with the client.

5. Ask In Person

In my experience there simply is no substitute for asking for a Google review in person when you have a brick and mortar store or are offering a physical service. This strategy also works well if you run events. Being able to time the optimum time to ask for a Google review is key to maximising your Google Review conversion ratio. 

How to Ask for a Google Review: 8 Proven strategies to get a review

It’s helpful to have a card with a Google Review QR code as a reminder, so your customer can make a review while they are right there. Or if the client feels comfortable logging into their Google account, you might tablet so they can submit a review right away.

6. Ask For Review With Product Delivery

How to Ask for a Google Review_ 8 Proven strategies to get a review

If you sell products online in addition to your store, include a request for a Google review after you have shipped your products and the client has received them. You can also include a review request postcard in the package. Make sure you are creative in the way you are asking, otherwise it is likely to get lost in the packaging. Remember, often clients get caught up in the emotion of the moment, so ensure you also include a review request in a follow-up email after delivery. This double reminder increases the likelihood of you receiving reviews. 

Look to subtly place-review requests at the bottom of clients’ receipts or invoices so they can provide feedback about their experience when they come in or pay for your services.

7. Make a Request In a Newsletter

If you have segmented your database and are sending out regular newsletters to your clients, you might want to include a review request at the bottom of the email. 

How to Ask for a Google Review_ 8 Proven strategies to get a review

If you have a large number of active newsletter readers, try to get more Google reviews using your newsletter. This might be paper, online, or both. You might dedicate a small, but an obvious section of the newsletter to request Google reviews from your audience, and give some possible prompts, such as “tell us about your most recent experience,” or “tell us your favourite thing about our business.”

8. Ask on Social Media

How to Ask for a Google Review_ 8 Proven strategies to get a review

Every opportunity you have to interact with a client is an opportunity to ask for a Google review. For a lot of small businesses owners out there, social media is a primary method of interacting with clients. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for a Google review if you have delivered some great value for a client during a live video, or through the great content that you are publishing. 


Google is an important part of every business when it comes to reputation marketing, and you can use this essential tool to your advantage. 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. So it should be no surprise that customers want to buy from businesses that have a great online reputation.

In a recent study, 86% of clients said that they would leave a review if asked. So simply ask your clients for Google reviews.  You will be surprised at how many are willing to recommend you. With your good reputation on display, you can use Google to bring in more business.