To grow your business with Google is the fastest way to start seeing results in your bottom line. With over 90% of all searches done world wide on the Google platform it is the predominant way clients are finding your business. 

Small business owners are the engine room of our amazing country, Australia. It takes courage, hard work, blood sweat and tears to wake up every morning and go into the trenches of business. 

Unfortunately all too often many businesses make it very difficult for potential clients to get the information they need quickly. Clients like you are time poor and want to have their problems solved without wading through unnecessary information.

I am sure like most small business operators you are great at what you do.  You have a deep passion for delivering on the services and products you provide for your clients. Like you I can fully relate to the struggle between doing the work and finding the work. 

Marketing your business might sometimes feel like you are spinning plates. Not sure where to spend your time and financial resources to get the greatest impact. They sometimes say that only 50% of all marketing works, the trick is to work out which 50%.

3 Key Areas to grow your business on Google.

Whether you are a solo hero, have a small team or a company taking on the world, there are a couple of key elements every business needs to be successful online. The first is having a strong and consistent online presence and reputation. You can do this by having;

  1. An optimised Google Business Profile 
  2. Authority assets like Google Reviews.
  3. A high converting website 

While claiming your Google Business Profile is the first step, it is crucial to make sure you take the time to optimise it. Otherwise it is like having your most valuable player on the team sitting on the bench all game. 

Authority assets are not only vital for Google but they help increase your credibility and conversion rates. Google profiles that are more credible in Google’s eyes get preferential treatment from the algorithm.

Once you have managed to attract the clients attention, the next thing you need is a high converting website. Have the client booking an appointment or buying your product or service from the website. 

I spoke to a lot of business owners recently who were vying for the latest $5000 Queensland government business Grant. Not only was it a highly challenging process but it also left a lot of small business owners disappointed when they couldn’t get through. 

So we thought we would do something about it.

get more customers from Google Reviews

How would you like to win a $12000 Google Starter package with 5 Star Review’s “Grow Your Business With Google campaign? 

We understand running a business is a huge challenge. It can be overwhelming at times to figure out how to work all of the technology side of things to help your customers find you. Google is the best way for your clients to find you with over 88% of people reading reviews on local businesses before they visit. That’s why you really can’t afford to not optimise your Google profile. 

Luckily, we can help you get that leg up and start generating leads for your business. That way you can stop spending so much time searching for clients, and start letting them come to you… all with a zero dollar ad spend! 

The Prize

We are running a campaign called “Grow Your Business With Google”. To win all you have to do is complete a few tasks to win a grand prize valued over $12,000 of google optimisation programs. 

Included in our prize is our Google Review Mastery Program, 7 Day Google My Business Challenge, AND 6 months worth of Google Traction Coaching. This prize is worth over $7000 and can really change your business and the way you attract customers. In addition the team at Eightball Media are also putting up a $5000 website package.

We have valuable runner up prizes as well sure to help you revitalise your business! With 5 runner-ups winning the 7 Day Challenge (valued at $495) designed to help you optimise your google business profile and start bringing leads to you. The next 10 winners will get a Google Strategy call with me to help them priorities the activities they need to do to start generating Google reviews right now. 

So enter here!