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Grow Your Business With Google

To grow your business with Google is the fastest way to start seeing results in your bottom line. With over 90% of all searches done world wide on the Google platform it is the predominant way

Cost of a Negative Review

Have you ever gotten a bad or a less than perfect review?  We often talk about the benefits of a great review, but do you know the cost of a bad one?  It might surprise you

Why I Hate Christmas Hampers

Not to be one that sounds like the Christmas Grinch, but I really hate it when suppliers or people I do business with send me a Christmas hamper.  Christmas is actually my favourite day of the

The Relevance of Google Reviews

If you are reading this, then I am going to assume that you have started down the rabbit hole of learning about all things Google and Google Reviews.  You may be a business owner that is

How to build a Google Review Portfolio

But how do you build a solid lead generating Google Review portfolio?  Every Google review portfolio journey begins by taking the first step. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming when you look at your ultimate destination ahead. 

Why Google Reviews?

If you’re new to the world of Google reviews, that’s great. It means that this article is for you. You may have heard of the phrase, “You are who Google says you are”. While that may

Client Experience Silos

Many business owners think of their client journey as a single end-to-end client experience. In reality, a single experience is made up of multiple experiences, which I often refer to as experience silos. If you think

How to be memorable in sales

If I asked you to remember one of the best experiences you had with a business, could you do it? Would you be able to tell me where it was, what you were wearing? What was

Are surprise and delight the same thing?

When it comes to customer experience, are surprise and delight the same thing? I used to think they were, but I’ve recently discovered that not all surprises are created equally. Some are positive, and some can