5 Star Google Review Lead Accelerator Program

What the top 3% of Businesses are doing to grow and scale right now.
(even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty)

In this 5 week Google Review Leads Accelerator program we will show you how you can stop spending money on advertising to generate leads that isn’t resulting in sales.

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Save time and money on traditional marketing.

Evergreen Lead Flow

How to stop spending thousands of dollars on advertising and start generating leads 24/7 that are independent of the owner

Dominate the competition

How to ensure your online reputation makes you the obvious choice over your competitors

Build a business asset

How to build a Google Review portfolio that never expires and is an asset that adds a multiple to your business valuation.

This accelerator program is for you if you would like to;

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  • Have certainty over cashflow and direction of your business

  • Build a long lasting and consistent lead flow

  • Have an energised team that is motivated to surprise and delight your clients

  • Build a zero dollar cost marketing machine that works 24/7

  • See your hard work translate into a growing bank balance

There are 3 kinds of business owners right now. Those that are in defence mode, those who are still waiting and those who are playing offence. Offence takes the lion share of the market while everyone else waits for scraps. Join us in the next Google Review Lead Accelerator Program, if you have decided to grow and scale.

The 5 Star Google Review Lead Accelerator Program

5 weeks of coaching and mentoring to up skill you and your team to deliver phenomenal experiences that turn into awesome reviews that drive sales into your business 24/7.

Course Outline

+ Week 1. Google My Business Optimisation
+ Week 2. The 3 Key Moments to get an awesome 5 star review
+ Week 3. Email Campaigns
+ Week 4. Team Alignment
+ Week 5. Support Structures

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Presented by Karl Schwantes
Date 18th August 2021


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